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Nov 17, 2013 8:00am PST
to the way we use technology. details are in his book, "who owns the future." welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> i dance between i can't follow this because it's deep and high-tech to wow, that's incredible. before we talk about who owns the future, let's back up, who owns the present? >> well, whoever has the largest computers. recently, those who had oil or controlled transportation, things like that, at present, it's the one who has the lanchest computer. -- largest computer. whenever you look, it's someone with a giant financial computer, or social network, those are the people who own the present and if you look at the sort of, the we income is distributed now with the declining middle class, the top peak are those with some large computer. i am a part of the problem, if you like. >> so, you created some of this technology, is there any one thing that put you on the map or you want to be remembered for? [ laughter ] >> i can't think about that. it's not important. >> or anything that the average user would recognize? >> global reality is something i am linked with. i am connected wit
Nov 24, 2013 8:00am PST
. >> thank you, thank you. all right, stay with us. we are going talk about fish. do you eat fish? >> yes. >> the whole thing? >> no. >> stay tuned. >>> welcome back. mary is a a writer, and a- -maria is a writer and a true lover of fish, and we mean the whole fish. maria has written for the new york times and the san francisco chronical says your next fish dinner should start with buying the fish whole so you can use the entire animal. that is right. every part. now before you wince, she claim that is you will be saving the motion and be healthy and sexy. sounds a bit fish. welcome, maria fin. it is your dream, i guess, to have fin attach today an about fish. >> yes, it is my real name. >> and when you say the whole fish, the eyes and the brains in. >> well, you can use the fish heads or soup stock and a lot of people like the eyes and the brain. >> i don't necessarily, they are very great, i had them a food cart no portland. they would deep fry them and make a yogurt dip. >> but i think you can almost deep fry anything, i think people would eat the pen. >> yes, with a nice sauce. but no
Nov 10, 2013 8:00am PST
to speak up, use their voice, find a safe adult who they can go to and oftentimes those are the exact kind of programs where we are hear the significant amounts of stories of child abuse in the home. >> how many of these kids are under school age? >> there are thousands in san francisco. in fact the prevalence of kids that are getting hurt are the very very young kids, babies, as well as teenagers. >> is it cyclical? boomers grew up with parents who spanked. we all did. and as the boomers went to college, we learned a little bit more about this stuff and maybe we were teased that we were were coddling our children. what's happened? >> i think we have been aware of the situation now i think there has been generational violence. we have seen it in many many areas and it becomes the norm for our families until you are brought the awareness that it's wrong. that's raising the awareness that these things should be talked about and it's called "breaking the silence" so people don't feel the devastation of shame. >> when we come back we are going to talk about what is done to talk about this kind
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3